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  • What is a title?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own land in Scotland and use the title "Laird"? For as little as £29.99 you can purchase a Scottish Estate and use the descriptive title "Laird of Lochaber". As a Scottish land owner you will be able to style yourself Laird, Lady or Lord of Lochaber.

    The title of Laird is the Scottish form of a Lord title, meaning "land owner". When you purchase one of our estates you will have the pleasure of using the title whenever you wish.  You may choose how large an estate you want to own. Joint estates, side by side, are available for couples. 

    Simply provide us with the new Laird's name when you make your order and we will dispatch the fully personalised documents in a beautiful glossy full colour folder. Whether you buy a title for yourself - or as a gift, the pack is a delight to receive. Use your title and land however you wish - feel free to take up residence if your Estate is large enough!

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  • Why a title?
    Sunny Day at Lairds Wood

    In the peaceful surroundings of the Scottish Highlands, a stone's-throw from Loch Linnhe, Lairds Wood holds some of Scotland's best kept secrets.

    Nature is everywhere you turn and this ancient wood, part of the Highland Titles Nature Reserve,  is home to a several of Scotland's rarer species as well as the iconic Red Deer.

    Purchasing land at Lairds' Wood in Lochaber makes YOU an active participant in the process of conserving a part of the Scottish Highlands, preventing it from ever being developed or used for anything other than a nature reserve.

    But perhaps most importantly, buying this small piece of the Highlands also allows you to legally style yourself as Laird of Lochaber, Lord of Lochaber of Lady of Lochaber, wear the Lochaber tartan and use proudly display the arms of Lochaber Highland Estates.

    When you make use of a Lochaber Highland Estates Title, you may find that you are treated differently. We guarantee that you will enjoy your new status. You can use your land and your title in any way you wish. We always encourage our Lairds, Lords and Ladies to visit their land and, for the larger landowners and young at heart, even stay a night or two, enjoying the wilderness and a night under canvas on your own land.

    A Lochaber Highland Estates title is the perfect gift for "the person who has everything"; not only is it a very special gift, but it is also a wonderful way to protect and preserve the Scottish Highlands.

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  • How do I get a Title?
    Aerial view of the estate

    Lochaber Highland Estates offers land sales in varying sizes to suit your requirements and budget.  Our document pack comes to you in a high-quality, glossy folder with a legal Certificate of  Sale, the information and directions to your exact plot of land (including GPS co-ordinates for you to locate it exactly) and a Master Title Deed, issued by Deed Poll Services, to allow you to legally change your title  on your driving licence, bank cards and utility bills.

    We fully adhere to Scottish law for the transfer of land and you will be asked to provide us with the new Laird, Lord or Lady's name when you place your order, either through our secure website or by telephoning our offices, where you can speak directly to our friendly and knowledgeable sales team.

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It is my birthday today and my husband has just purchased 100 sq feet for! it is the most precious present I have ever had. I can't believe that not only do I own the land and saving the environment but I am now a 'Lady'.

Kendall Joel

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