You may style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber

  • How does it work?

    For £29.99, you can become the beneficial owner of a souvenir plot of land in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

    Why not style yourself as the Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber?

    Laird is an old Scottish word that literally means 'landowner'. Traditionally, it was used as a courtesy to the owner of an estate, or occasionally those who lived and worked on the estate.  Lord is the English translation of Laird, and Lady is the female equivalent.

    We also have an attractive range of accessories to enhance the gift pack that is sure to impress.

    Simply place your order using our secure website, enter the details of the plot holder and we will post your personalised documents in a glossy, full colour folder.

  • What do you get?
    Sunny Day at Lairds Wood

    In the peaceful surroundings of the Scottish Highlands, a stone's-throw from Loch Linnhe, Lairds Wood holds some of Scotland's best kept secrets.

    Nature is everywhere you turn and this ancient wood, and is home to a several of Scotland's rarer species as well as the iconic Red Deer.

    Purchasing land at Lairds' Wood in Lochaber makes YOU an active participant in the process of conserving a part of the Scottish Highlands, helping us to prevent it from ever being developed or used for anything other than a nature reserve.

    Further enjoyment can be had from buying a personal right to a small piece of the Highlands by styling yourself as Laird, (Lord or Lady) of Lochaber, which is our registered intellectual property and may only be used with our permission.  You may also wear the Lochaber tartan and use proudly display the arms of Lochaber Highland Estates.

    A Lochaber Highland Estates title is the perfect gift for "the person who has everything"; not only is it a very special gift, but it is also a wonderful way to protect and preserve the Scottish Highlands.

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  • How do I get a Title?
    Aerial view of the estate

    We cannot give you a title.  The only person who can confer titles of nobility is Her Majesty The Queen.  What we can do is sell you a personal right to a plot of land in the beautiful Scottish Highlands and give you our permission to style yourself as Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber.

    Lochaber Highland Estates have plots in various sizes to suit your requirements and budget.  Our document pack comes to you in a high-quality, glossy folder with a legal Certificate of  Sale (Disposition), the information and directions to your exact plot of land (including GPS co-ordinates for you to locate it) and a Master Title Deed, issued by Deed Poll Services, which will allow you to update your various forms of identification should you choose to do so.


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My Family rec'd their packages for Christmas from my sister and brother In-Law, Lady Barbara and Lord Ian Dunlop......just the gift for a great conversation piece.....thankyou both of you and Highland Titles

Pamela Jones

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